Het Brood des Levens

Ik ben het brood des levens; Die tot mij komt zal geenszins hongeren en die in Mij gelooft zal nimmer meer dorsten Johannes 6:35

Heaven came to earth in a small package
For a child was born, a gift to men
Yes the living light came to the darkness
Wore the harness of mankind

Laid His body down to be sin for us
Gave His earthly crown so we could be kings
Yes he came to brake the yoke of darkness
That would harness all mankind

Gave His heart away so we could find Him
Changed our night to day so we’d live in light
Tore the veil between the light and darkness
Broke the harness for mankind

Let our hearts rejoice in Christ our Savior
Let us come before His throne with praise
Let us pray for peace so we’ll break the darkness
Melt the darkness of mankind

This morning star of light still shines and shines
We buried Him within our sins but He rose again

Mathew Ward

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